After a lifetime in the industry we knew relationships matter the most. We—Anne and Espen—started Untold Stories together as a couple. We soon grew into the company we’d hoped to be: a warm, deeply caring fashion house that at its core felt like family. Our network of suppliers and retailers is an extension of that family: our story is very much one of togetherness.

The label has now evolved into Once Untold. We follow our creative impulses, obsession with craft, and desire to empower effortless expression wherever it leads. Our curiosities and quirks take us to a place of confidence, where we can celebrate our originalities.

Once signifies where we’re from: rooted in the city of Oslo. Untold speaks to where we’re going, a future yet to be written. Each piece in our collection reflects this potential: we design them here, but they find full expression wherever your life takes them.