By the Shore

By the Shore

A collection of summer moments, captured by Johanna Siring

Long Winters. Short Summers.

That is the easy way explaining the Norwegians love for summer. We are longing for the weekends to pack up and go to the cabin. Spending weekends and endless summer nights in a remote environment.

“Hyttelivet” is more than just a trip to the cabin.To be in the peace and quiet of nature with no noise to intrude the calm.The logging of from technology.The décor, the activities and the food you eat. The total way of life. "Hytte" décor is either rustic or simple lines of scandinavian design. This means adapting to easy way of life, everything from cooking on two burners, handwash laundry and hang-it to dry in the sun.

The way you dress is totally “hytta” style. You mix your summer dress with chunky wool socks and knitted sweaters.Footwear is slip-on shoes or rainboots.To lay down in the gras and just listen to the birds.To walk around by the shore and play ticktacktoe or "fiskesprett" (throwing a rock in the water and see how many times the rock bounce).The whole point of the cabin trips, called "hyttetur" in Norwegian, is to get closer to nature and spend time with your favorite people to create summer memories.

Our Spring 24 collection is inspired by these “hytta” moments. Everything from the color palette to the lace from your grandma ́s handmade curtains, the seersucker pepita patterns from the tablecloths, the fisherman’s details on the outerwear, big chunky knitted sweaters and the flowery summer dresses. Be by the Shore to ease you mind.

Log off to log on.